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Rachnoutsav academy follows a very simple 3 step admission process

Career guidance and course counselling Seminar

Attend a one on one on campus career guidance and course counselling session where our counsellors carefully understand the aspirations, need, background, qualification and eligibility of the students for the various courses. This session is for any student who is still deciding between his future options and is and would need some guidance. You are welcome here anytime! Counsellors are available on campus from 9 a.m to 6 p.m., all 7 days a week to provide guidance, support and to showcase our values, culture ethics and why Rachnoutsav academy is yhe unique & right place for achieving your dreams and aspirations.

Creativity and Aptitude Evaluation

Upon completion of the registration process, a student is eligible to appear for the Creativity and Aptitude Evaluation. This unique evaluation is based completely on an individual’s ability and aims at understanding the mind of a student. The exam judges a student on a very unique criterion which judges her or his ability to be able to cope up with the different modules we offer in our various courses. Click here to move to the registration page. Don’t worry, students who register are allowed to attend the counselling session afterwards!option, right from the word go.


This is the final step to joining our student community. The results are given and all eligible students can then complete the admission formality and start their journey with us!

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