In Recent News, the whole world received a devastating news that President Trump pulled America out of the Paris Climate Agreement, Over 150 nations have signed the treaty, even north Korea is one of them.This news brought forth every human being together on speaking up about the environment, considering the planet we're living on would soon become uninhabitable in probably 50 years of we continue on our current path of fossil fuels & environment damaging technology. 

This agreement is an initiative by the countries to shift to green technology aggressively in the coming years & create a greener earth for the future generations to live in. And then suddenly everyone realised that we're surely heading towards a major environmental crisis. Just this year, india has reported the most rigid weather pattern in history of humanity & the most unpredictable Climate change. The far future we had thought was in the distance, most of us would be living in it.

So where are we going with this & how does event management play a role? Now in most aspects of arranging an event, we are dealing with materials & equipment. For example a decoration might include creation of a set, and in development of the set, we take great care in using eco friendly material. But more than that we also recycle materials such as metals & wood. Obviously wood requires cutting off trees & metal is mined, both activities are not environment friendly.

Our founder Rakhi Kankaria, saw this an opportunity to bring forth this topic that many in the industry do not tell their clients when it comes to event management. No one stops and thinks poorly organised events that have all kinds of pollution such as noise or air, would have an impact. But to the contrary, at Rachnoutsav, Rakhi has always believed in removing the element of pollution from the equation of events. “Let’s make their day” is our motto, not “let’s mess their day”, she said. And poorly managed events with disregard towards the environment is a messy affair for all those who’re involved.

Rakhi has conscientiously pushed Rachnoutsav’s event managing more and more towards a greener path, firstly because it’s good for health & the environment but it also involves being responsible, and saves on the budget for the entire event as it requires extensive pre-planning on our part.

Now you might be wondering why Rachnoutsav is into this new fad or trend of sustainable event management aka event greening, but let us remind you that our philosophy is to make events memorable. And also it is not a trend, it is an important way of planning an event to be environment friendly.

And we don't want you to remember our events as the most polluting ones, as events that pollute affect the celebration. They ruin the moment for everyone, such as too much noise or unnecessary smoke, and it also harmfully affects people.

You know of such events that have no garbage management, the caterers are providing food with a lot of chemicals that is clearly not good for the body but worst when discarded improperly. Little aspects that generally no one pays attention to, we look at these things & Rachnoutsav takes pride in telling that eco-friendly has always been our intention. Since it’s inherent to our mode of operation, which is the happiness of people, which leads to the success of the event.

People are involved in the event & people are the priority, Rachnoutsav has always stood firm on that. And a green environment & the usage of eco friendly techniques benefits the people. Rachnoutsav knows that sustainable event management is an intuitive process, & our meticulous event management nature makes sure that we do everything that is necessary for everyone involved to be satisfied. We employ vendors that clean up before, during & after the event & segregate degradable & biodegradable materials separately. Waste management is taken very seriously by us as we don’t compromise on anything.

Our caterers use organically produced ingredients to make sure food is good for the body, heart & soul, but more importantly the environment too. We employ digital alternatives rather than print based approach to reduce unnecessary wastage of paper. We do NOT use plastics or aluminium at all.

More importantly we monitor equipments with regular checks in order to optimise electricity as much is necessary without wasting it or applying it unnecessarily on equipments that are not in use. Strategic placements of lights and equipments in order to use less lights but produce better results.

Earth is our planet and we’ve not yet migrated to other planets or yet developed the technology to migrate. And earth has been such a kind planet to us that has given so much, so in return we want to preserve & protect it, because so far it is the only planet we have, and the only planet that we know that supports life.

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