In India, most of the students are generally persuaded by their elders to pursue engineering, b.com, medical or commerce based courses because they’ve heard of the so called lucrative positions available in big companies for people who’ve passed from these courses.

However, that is far from the truth, considering the amounts of people graduating from such courses versus the jobs available in the market, it is practically impossible for everyone to even get a job much less a very valuable position in a MNC. So the elders force their kids to go through rigorous tuitions & training to graduate but after the kids pass out, they have a skill set that is of no value in itself until you’re hired, and very few of such kids are able to make anything of themselves.

So it is of crucial importance in today’s world to develop a skill set that on it’s own is productive without the need to rely on external forces to hire you as an employee. What today’s kids need is the ability to make use of their talents whatever they have coupled, with the education & experience provided by an institute that helps the kids to survive on their own.

Which brings us to the the title “Event Management as a productive career” option. The number of events such as birthdays, marriages, concerts, charity functions, product launches, celebrity events, corporate gatherings, live skits or plays, is rapidly growing at an exponential rate, keeping today’s population in mind. There is a diverse field out there without much competition that requires people with the skillset to manage such events.

These events need people who are creative, improvisational & flexible to schedule things on due time, have communication skills to get things done & motivational skills to boost people to achieve. Such people also have to be good at multi-tasking & need to think on their feet. 

The event manager needs to visualise every detail of the event & plan everything accordingly, they’re basically the conductor of the orchestra which is the event. And since the requirement of such a diverse skillset also pays extravagantly, such a career is highly rewarding & everyone knows how difficult it is to manage even a small scale event such as a family outing. 

Job prospects are always there, since many companies and organizations are always hosting events. And many institutes offer event management courses for people who’re interested in it.

This brings us to the part where Rachnoutsav Academy has a cutting edge over most of those institutes. Other than the fact Rachnoutsav being the top leaders in event management in Hyderabad and rated as the best. We manage most of the top level events in the state of Telangana & with exceptional results.

Our core vision has always been to help everyone to celebrate the event. The point of every event is the celebration, and the celebration is what makes every event memorable. That is what an event manager must aspire themselves towards. The memorability of any event is the livelihood of every event manager’s success.

And we keeping that belief in mind, opened Rachnoutsav academy. To pass on that legacy to the next generation. And we believe that there is no other career where the core is “to celebrate”. But it’s not only that, we also believe in educating kids with on hands experience at real events & putting them to the test, this builds them as individuals & they gain more than just training or reading random books without understanding how things work. We offer value added courses with dual degrees business administration & event management, not only you have a degree but also a viable CV rooted in the industry’s finest events.

The Institute introduces and exposes the students to various industry-specific management functions such as those in the areas of marketing, finance, human resource and systems. This bridges the gap between the student’s skills, knowledge and attitude with that of the corporate expectations.

We provides you with the scope to enter a wide range of business fields, reflected in the various specializations designed to enhance your ability to understand new developments, pursue further studies and become a leader in your field such as- Corporate Government Nonprofit Organizations Entrepreneurship Higher Studies in India or Abroad All the above efforts culminate in what a Manager has to know, or understand, in order to efficiently handle his tasks and responsibilities. 

Since management of any industry is intrinsically skill-focused, discipline focused and as well as function-focused,we train a student to better meet the managerial expectations of the corporate sector. Graduates from other disciplines are unlikely to possess this distinctive edge over any graduate to foresee and resolve issues from a holistic perspective.

And in closing, event management offers jobs as well as the ability to become an entrepreneur, to be able to handle your own life & not be limited in your skills, to be able to grow fully as an individual and achieve your goals in real life & not just hope or dream.

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