Where will ACCA take you?

In a world where you’ve got a gazillion options to make your career in, you find many people drifting towards degrees that exercise greater reach. Finding a career that lets you grow wherever you are? ‘Nuff said! And if there’s one degree that goes above and beyond in fulfilling this duty, it’s gotta be the ACCA.

An internationally recognized degree, ACCA helps blast your career off to the best possible start. ACCA tends to lean more on the tax and auditing side, with all that tricky accounting stuff hanging out there as well. Opting for a career via an ACCA degree can be a star move that opens up all these previously closed doors, and slingshots you right across some tremendous growth.

Before we go down the road of job prospects and future careers, let’s take a look at what exactly makes it such a lucrative career option.

What is the ACCA?

The ACCA or the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is a professional body that acknowledges the qualifications of a CA. A global entity based in the UK, it operates in the interest of the public to ensure that:

  • Chartered accountants work in tandem with all the principles laid down by the association.
  • All set regulations are strictly adhered to.

Why choose the ACCA though?  

The perks of being an ACCA degree holder include:

  • The achievement of a qualification that is in all respects the equivalent of CA or a Master’s degree.
  • The welcome aspect of completing it within a span of 2 years.
  • The prospect of pursuing it alongside your current job or your bachelor's degree (B.Com, BAF, BFM, etc)
  • The widespread recognition it attracts across the Commonwealth (The ACCA is acknowledged in more than 100 countries BTW)

So, where does ACCA take you?

Once you’ve become a qualified ACCA member, there’s a whole lotta stuff for you to look forward to! You could:

  • Work for companies (including the Big 4) fulltime or in a consulting capacity. This could either be your chance to gain some much-needed experience or a long-term plan that sets you up for life.
  • Land yourself a neat job overseas such as in the UK, Singapore, Dubai, Australia, Canada, etc.
  • Get your proverbial hands dirty by setting up your very own business in any field that fascinates you. Flyin’ solo so to speak. The knowledge and experience (thanks to ACCA) will only be a major help.
  • Just continue learning. You could study further by opting for a Masters program.  

Each of these choices only helps you out in the long run, proving our point that an ACCA career can be the making of you! In this post, we’re going to outline a few career fields that might just get you to look at ACCA in a different light:

  • Accounting and Public Practices

Seems like an obvious field to venture into, you are after all getting an accounting degree. But then again, ACCA is no ordinary career maker. An ACCA career can be both challenging and charming, with a wide variety of opportunities and roles to put into practice.

Working in a public practice firm - global or local, offers you an enviable amount of exposure. Whether you happen to be working with a large corporate client or for an individual, you get to be involved in multiple aspects such as audit, tax, and so many other services!

  • Financial Services and Consulting

There’s nothing so positively thrilling than applying your skills to generating, saving and protecting your income. Don’t judge us but finance is fun! Financial services offer massive opportunities to ACCA holders. The best part? There’s so much variety! Financial services include funds management, personal and private banking, insurance, pensions, and investments etc. And if you’re into consulting, you could help organizations improve their performance by providing them a detailed analysis of existing practices and operations, in a range of assorted, high-octane roles.


  • Public Sector

The greatest help you could give organizations is by providing benefits to people who completely rely on their services. The public services and the not-for-profit sectors comprise a great host of government-funded and charitable organizations; discharging key services on behalf of both communities and individuals. Whether it’s the Police, the Central or the local government, National health services, or charities, jobs belonging to this sector come with huge numbers, a bumper workforce, and Herculean budgets.    


  • Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG)

The FMCG sector is quickly taking on a more global approach, and a global outlook is just what’s needed. Especially if it’s someone exercising financial functions within this zone whether as part of the local team or the global one. Finance pros working in the FMCG field face considerable challenges. Finance happens to be the front-line of every business performance, duty bound to deliver maximum value. Plus the sheer scale of FMCG finance means being needed for everything right from tax planning to cost forecasting.                                 

  • Oil, Gas, and Energy

How does this sector fit in, you ask? Well, TBH the oil, gas and energy industry offers quite the exciting range of career opportunities that deal in finance. From working on a multi-billion dollar project that helps people across the world, to being actively involved in the management of company finances, you get the chance to explore every avenue of accounting practices including auditing, supervision, and management. Add to that the fact that you gain inside knowledge on the workings of the industry, and voilà! you’re in it for the long haul.

  • Manufacturing

Manufacturing happens to be pretty different when compared to other business operations. While retailers vend stock and service companies trade in their time, manufacturers happen to be the only ones in the business of creating new products from scratch. While extremely commendable, it can also play host to a whole other level of accounting problems. Manufacturers need to keep a steady account of all raw materials as well as their processing costs, and also work out the final value of the products they’ve made.  

  • Global Business Services

Global business services is another one of those rapidly growing world industries. Employing around 750,000 finance and accounting staff globally, global business services are a hugely popular option for ACCA candidates. These service providers are known to offer services to an extensive amount of organizations. Find yourself working for any of these, and you might have just hit a combination jackpot of exposure, experience, and variety!                   

And there you have it! A list of boxes to check when you find yourselves on the receiving end of an ACCA degree. In a world with a financial market that’s proving the statement: “Money never sleeps” true, now is when it needs decidedly specialized financial experts with a keen business acumen. The ACCA is globally credited and extremely well-received across the field of Finance and Accounting, and embarking on an ACCA career shouldn’t be as much of a problem.

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