In today's world the greatest benefit the younger generation has, is the freedom of choice.And with that they have access to so many different choices especially when it comes to education. Considering the older generations never had such an advantage because of various reasons. Now with this freedom the younger generation can access an opportunity to control their life & their futures.

But this brings us to the issue where the younger generation has so many choices where it is not able to sufficiently decide which choice is the right choice for them. With the advancement in technology a every field has developed it's own specialty, such as a simple arts degree graduate could become a graphic designer, an artist, a painter, a storyboard artist, web designer, game designer, print designer, etc. the possibility of one simple course giving so much choice.

And now the student is faced with a dilemma of what to become ultimately & what to specialise in considering that they have no exposure to any of those fields & have not met people from those fields or worked in those fields to make an informed decision.

So their decision is based on what people tell them is good for their career & this is not necessarily helpful as the student might venture into a profitable field but may lack the talent to make it a profitable career.

To top all of this many institutions have started to take undue advantage of this weakness of this confusion, advertising & marketing certain courses to be good for them but ultimately is only a gimmick & these places lack the staff to teach & educate, only in the market to make money from vulnerable kids.

The students are the future & taking advantage of their careers would ultimately ruin the world as they're going to be tomorrow's adults. And robbing them of their future harms the collective future of everyone.

We believe that students need to nurtured & given proper guidance, to find their talents & use these talents to their benefits. To teach the younger generation to find their path in the world & help them out of their confusion.

At Rachnoutsav, we do not just offer simple education of a classroom variety, where the kids come to class, learn & go, write exams & pass out with certificates. We believe that it is detrimental to their future as this doesn't solve their confusion on deciding on a career path.

Rachnoutsav Academy provides students with real experience from specialty fields, for example taking note of our BBA+Event management course, we educate the students with strategies of business administration & use their talents coupled with education from their classrooms in real life event management scenarios. By putting them right in middle of all the action, so that students get first hand experience. This also strengthens their resumes when compared to a normal graduate as all employers prefer experienced candidates.

Not bragging about being genuine but Rachnoutsav is the best event management company of the hyderabad. To top it all, we've been awarded multiple times as the best event management academy. This just proves that we take our commitment to the students seriously, but also speaks for our staff being the best in the industry & the most capable for teaching the kids about the industry.

Rachnoutsav's vision has always been to celebrate an event, the celebration of the event makes it memorable & memory is the vital aspect of event management. Any good event will always be remembered & with that the event manager or event management company will be recollected.

That is the legacy we've built in this industry, the promise to celebrate, people wish their events to be grand & we help in achieving that. And now we want the younger generation to achieve their greatness & enjoy event management as a career where your job is to celebrate an event.

Rachnoutsav academy has come up with training programs, certification courses and offering value added courses with dual degrees and certificates. Students are given access to computer labs, libraries and active learning centers with 24x7 career advisory team to guide them at any point of their career.

Here you also get to polish your skills and can have great scope to enter into many firms and industries, but also enable you to start something of your own if you chose to be an entrepreneur. It helps you enhance the qualities of leadership, collaboration, creativity and research which will be useful in all fields of life.

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