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Rachnoutsav's Signature CoursesFast Track Event showrunner Course-FT005

Course brief: ?A showrunner in an event scenario is like a pilot with the total control while in the cockpit of a flying aircraft. The showrunner?s specialty is to multitask and be able to fine tune the entire flow of the event from all perspectives of time, effects, audio visuals, performers, anchors as well as safety and security while dealing on aspects of special requirements from entries to equipment to deliver the event successfully.

Career opportunities: With the event industry moving towards more and more professional delivery as well as the complex nature of mixing the event requirements with technology and special effects has led to the birth and specialization of professionals who can run the events perfectly. Today almost all the categories of event need such multitasking abilities and showrunners are the real time heroes for any event to be successful. The event industry has a pretty big gap and this aspect of event management can be encashed by event managers who are in this field already and by people who are confident of multitasking and are fast learners.

Eligibility: 10+2, English medium
Duration: 250 hours course for 2.5 months including theory and practicals.

For Admission: Please contact +91 9848012241, 9849012241