Social Involvement Programme

Rachnoutsav Academy encourages NGO participation along with its regular academic and Event Management activities. It is one of the most important extra-curricular activity and focuses on eradicating issues in the field of Education, Healthcare, Public policy, Human Rights and Environmental factors. It ensures our staff and student community makes an impact on today’s generation. Keeping the above factors in mind, the Rachnoutsav Academy Community participates in a variety of social involvement services, humanitarian functions, and encourages society participation by bringing citizens’ concerns to Governments, advocating policies through provision of information, serving underprivileged areas etc. To maintain the Social Ethics and the Humanitarian grounds, we request all our students to come forward and show their empathy and dedication towards the development of this programme.

Our Placements
Our Creative Course programs

BBA + Event Management

The Bachelor of Business Administration integrated with the Event Management Certificate program gives students the “x” factor which is what HR of all companies look for. It is the “STANDOUT” factor which differentiates a Rachnoutsav Academy graduate from any other management student.

BCom(GEN)+ Event Management

The Bachelor of commerce integrated with Event Management Certificate Program is unique dual certification course that offers the students the unique chance to be business graduates as well as event managers by the end of their course.

BCom(COMP) + Event Management

The Bachelor of Commerce in Computers is uniquely integrated with the Event Management Certificate Program ensures that the student is refined and ready for placements in management work culture, as well as event management. Click here to find out more.

Signature Event Management Course

Pioneers in the field of event education, we are the only institute to offer the course with a focus on practical activity and support with class room education. Our signature event management course equips our students with all the necessary skills to be successful event managers.

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