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Bright FuturePlacements

  • Employability Careers & Entrepreneurship

    • An Academy is not just about gaining a good qualification; it is also about gaining the additional skills and experiences needed to make it in the world of work. For us, employability is not simply ‘getting a job’; It is about knowing yourself and being better prepared to get what you want out of life. “Remember, it is never too early to start thinking about your future and getting valuable work experience under your belt.“
  • Benefits of Futures

    • In addition to your course studies, the Futures Award is an extra award you can undertake, to enhance your skills and abilities. You can benefit from engaging with a wide range of curricular and extracurricular activities, to gain credit towards your Futures Award. This will help you develop the necessary skills to guide and support you towards your chosen career path and beyond, into the world of work.
  • Futures Offers

    • Modules and electives built within your course to help your employability and enterprise development.
    • Ongoing career planning, advice and guidance.
    •  On the job training experience, that is pre-structured as per your needs.
    • Through the course focus on developing employability skills, through a range of workshops, seminars and events.
    •  Enterprise and personal development.
    • Work experience, placement and voluntary work.
    • Opportunities, advice and support for those students and graduates thinking about or in the early stages of starting a business.

Learning & Support


Career advisors – You will have access to our career advisors at any given point of time for career planning, advice and guidance. Advice and support to those students who are thinking or are in the early stages of starting events related business will be provided at any time required. Our experienced team has a wealth of knowledge which will support students throughout their studies.


'R' Knowledge – You have access to an extensive range of IT and library facilities. You are entitled to:


Go Live Edge – 'On campus we have, an Active Learning Training Centre' in addition to classroom. These 'Active Learning Training Centres' are instrumental in giving students a practical platform to learn and experience the basic technical aspects and also produce and execute simulated events. Through the experiential learning visits and opportunities in off sites, planned locally, nationally and internationally, the students would get the required experience to take a bold step in the real event world. The students will also have operational convenience and accessibility to a studio that is spread over an acre and a self sufficient set of production and other equipment. This will give them an edge through live experience.

Students Speak

Rachnoutsav student now plans to open her own event management company

Rachnoutsav student speaking

G Sai Raj

The Rachnoutsav experience

Event Managment College Rachnoutsav Events Academy

Rachnoutsav gives live experience

Shafeh Mohammed