Applicable only for Students pursuing 12th Grade in ISC/CBSE/IGCSE/BIE Board.


Rachnoutsav Academy Scholarship Aptitude Test

A logically oriented examination to determine the inherent capabilities of a student. The examination will judge students on various skills from logicalthinking,lateralthinking,intellectualcapability,basicsof commercerelatedsubjectsandcommunicativeEnglish.Apaper designed to test the speed, decision making skills and an approach a student has to an examination. Qualifying this exam enables a student to proceed forward to the next round of examination.


Submission of Statement of Purpose

The Statement of Purpose is the single most important part of your application that will tell the admissions committee who you are, what has influenced your qualification, your professional interests and where you plan to go when you begin your career. It is the only part of the entire application that you have complete control over and can write in the most creative of ways. This SoP has the maximum weightage in the entire application process and more often than not, determine the admission into the scholarship program.


Panel Interaction

A set of panel members interact with the student and discuss the statement of purpose. This is the final step in the Rachnoutsav Academy Scholarship Program.

Dear Student

Rachnoutsav Academy has always believed in quality education, while keeping an eye on the latest trends in education and the industry that absorbs such professionals. Keeping this in mind, we have come to realise that such professional courses are the future of academics in the dynamic environment. Hence, we provide this opportunity to the 12th grade students to get into this stream at the right time. With the obvious benefits of a graduation with professional qualifications, our students are a part of a global circle with a worldwide perspective and a river of opportunities bequeathing their feet. We demand the best from our students and we deliver the best.

“Rachnoutsav Academy’s Rs. 2 Crore Scholarship Program”is designed to give the brightest students all the support required to achieve their dreams and beyond. The program has been designed to identify the most talented, capable students with the right skill sets and fund their entire under-graduation and professional qualification and enhance their career opportunities to the maximum. This program aims to give students the opportunity to pursue varied courses leading to Globally Recognized Professional Qualifications, becoming entrepreneurs in the Event Industry and securing the most respected Government and Bank positions.

Rachnoutsav Academy is affiliated to globally recognized bodies

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants ,United Kingdom

The World’s most forward thinking Professional Accountancy Body, serving 180 countries. It has 7200 approved employers around the world. ACCA has also been often referred to as the “International Chartered Accountant”.

Chartered Institute Of Management Accountants, United Kingdom

A course designed for CEO’s and CFO’s of tomorrow, a CIMA qualification is designed to enable students to become leaders in their organizations. In most companies you look for, chances are that you will find a CIMA designation holder in highest level of hierarchy.

I hope you will participate and achieve THE BIG GRADUATION PROGRAM and conquer your dream of contributing to your country and to the global community in your future career

Our Placements
Our Creative Course programs

BBA + Event Management

The Bachelor of Business Administration integrated with the Event Management Certificate program gives students the “x” factor which is what HR of all companies look for. It is the “STANDOUT” factor which differentiates a Rachnoutsav Academy graduate from any other management student.

BCom(GEN)+ Event Management

The Bachelor of commerce integrated with Event Management Certificate Program is unique dual certification course that offers the students the unique chance to be business graduates as well as event managers by the end of their course.

BCom(COMP) + Event Management

The Bachelor of Commerce in Computers is uniquely integrated with the Event Management Certificate Program ensures that the student is refined and ready for placements in management work culture, as well as event management. Click here to find out more.

Signature Event Management Course

Pioneers in the field of event education, we are the only institute to offer the course with a focus on practical activity and support with class room education. Our signature event management course equips our students with all the necessary skills to be successful event managers.
It's time to get mangement right! Let us show you how to manage events professionally
while maintaining the ability to query over large business ranges.

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