When we hear of the word “Event Management’, what is that one thing that comes to your mind? Firstly, you would think if I opt for this career option, would there be enough salary to pay my bills?? Will I be able to stand alone in the market if I do not join any firm? Many questions like these come up in your mind when you are on your way to choose a career path.

Earlier Event Management was non-existent for many people around the world, especially in India. But now this industry has created quite a stir in the market. Now, that you have chosen Event management as your career option, Rachnoutsav Event Academy can be the best platform for you to explore your career as it is considered as one of the top degree colleges in Hyderabad.

Event Management is one such career aspect which is rising high in the working-class tribe who believe in working hard and partying harder!

Below 5 most mainstream misinterpretations about Event Management

1. Myth – Organising an Event is all Fun

Reality – No! There is always that hidden hard-work that the event management firm does not showcase and is always playing at the backend part.

A failed show done by the event management company can prompt a definitive demise of that organization. The business runs more on proposals and informal exposure and accordingly, it is inescapable for the occasion directors to guarantee that each show is a blockbuster.

Obviously, that requires a ton of examination, work, and execution. Where is the time and vitality for no particular reason staying at that point?

2. Myth – Event Management profession is not made for females

Reality – Event Management is a phenomenal profession for both males and females. It is fun, relentless, and gives brilliant chances to professional development. While most of the occasion administrators are female, as indicated by PCMA study the normal pay for ladies in the business of the gathering is about 24% lower than what men acquire.

3. Myth – Event Management does not require any skill or training

Reality – When this myth is spoken it really hurts the sentiments of an event manager. As event manager and many people who attend undergraduate programs for this course invest a lot of time and potential into this. You just cannot pick a random person from the roadside to manage your big event or day.

Event Management is one such profession that is educated in a portion of the top colleges in India which also lists RCCM among these. So, you unquestionably have pre-imperatives for affirmation and you should compose tests to make through the course. In any case, in the event that you need to make a name in any field you should have passion and dedication for that industry and the correct disposition and fitness to remain as the victor.

4. Myth – Salaries are not much in Event Management Profession

Reality – Depending upon which college you have enrolled in for the event management course, your salary packages can depend upon that. To ask your clients for a good amount for their event, you should have those skills and abilities to prove yourself in front of them. Once you have created a hold on your event management skills, you can charge according to yourself, as per the client’s budget and market standards.

5. Myth – Event Management is required uniquely for large occasions

Reality – Occasions where the participants may include in thousands or hundreds unquestionably need proficient support.

In any case, on the off chance that you need to make your private gathering a critical one or you need your occasion to turn very well-known and inside the financial plan; start with employing a decent Event Manager. You will know the distinction.

What an Event Manager ACTUALLY does:

Aside from requiring a number of skills and characteristics, being an Event Manager requests particular foundation, mastery and ability to do things. If not having a major team (which is frequently the situation), you have to gain expertise on various professions into one and to continually increase new mastery.

Hope this article will help expose a few myths about the event manager’s profession and will give simultaneously a decent synopsis of the pith of the event manager’s profession. And also, much like any other professional course, Event Management is before long going to be one of the most looked for after business. Individuals who are hoping to organize occasions that are imaginative and very much organized would surely need to employ proficient assistance. It is without a doubt sunrise industry.