For people who would like to add up something to their CV except for the CA degree then opting for CIMA is a good option. It is a professional certification course in finance and helps you get the right opportunities in your career.

This course is started by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA. The main motive of the course is to provide qualification in management accountancy. The major branch for the same is present in the UK. However, there are around 180 branches in different countries.  One can also do a CIMA course in India.

Just like CA courses which have three levels, the CIMA course is similarly a comprehensive professional certification course which is categorized into three parts which are named Operational level, Management level, and Strategic Level. It is on the course which is quite in trend and people have a desire to attain this professional qualification all over the world.

Given below are details so as to clear you regarding the CIMA certification.

CIMA deals in learning which is about Strategic Planning

The degree which one achieves from CIMA is not just confined to the knowledge of accounts rather this course helps one to learn strategic management and subjects related to it. This kind of course when done along with CA is a great decision as it a pure value of time and money for those who wish to have finance-related careers in companies all around the world

The course basically helps you to understand the risk and control strategy, decision management, business strategy, etc., with the help of one, can make their strategic thinking pattern.

Professional Knowledge related to finance

As this is a finance-related professional degree, this qualification will be an addition to your CV and will increase its value. The syllabus in this comprise of professional knowledge of the finance domain along with this once can get to know the management-level skills, decision making, and team management. This is certainly great to go with this knowledge when one has undergone the CA program.

Can Gain vital Roles in Finance

Chartered Accountants have a very important role in any kind of business, therefore, HRs prefer candidates who have knowledge in all the sectors of business.

For CA candidates CIMA has something which is not just about accounts, audit, and law but has a broader study that comprises the combination of technical expertise and strategic thinking. Two of them are very important and play a very big role in the finance sector.

CA Professionals Can Avail Exemptions in CIMA Exams

Lastly, CA candidates can go for exemptions in CIMA exams. Candidates can get immunity from some exams that are 12 out of 17 examinations of CIMA. Syllabus for both the courses CA and CIMA is in synchrony with each other, thus cracking CIMA exams would be quite easy for a CA candidate. CIMA can be done just within two to three years. The course is easy to go for while you are doing a job or business on the other side.