Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is an important body in accountancy. The organization is based in the United Kingdom. As a top authority in accountancy, it maintains quality in providing an ACCA certificate.

If you aspire to be a certified member of ACCA, you will definitely need to undergo a few exams in the nearby ACCA exam center. Hyderabad has its Rachnoutsav Academy that provides ACCA course at a reasonable fee.

ACCA is a regular Bachelor’s course of 3 years to equip the beneficiary with the required knowledge and understanding of finance and business.

It is a prestigious course that has many benefits. Let us check on why you should choose to pursue ACCA.


The course offers flexibility in the form that you have 10 years to complete the course after registration. If you do not want to sit for one specific exam a year, you have the option to skip.


The ACCA certification course is not that much costly. There is no compulsiveness to take admission anywhere. You can simply sit for the exam. Of course, you can take classes but that is not mandatory.

Global Recognition

ACCA has a tie-up with all the leading organizations in finance. It has an association with the World Bank as well as the United Nation. This garners a worldwide recognition of the certificate provided by ACCA.

All-round Course

The ACCA course is a melange of management skills and technical knowledge. The syllabus is a comprehensive one with all the required skills and knowledge in finance, taxation, law, and governance, etc.

International Standards

The course maintains an international standard in its syllabus. A large number of countries accept the auditing standard set by ACCA. Any ACCA holder is equipped with working in any of the countries that accept the ACCA standard.

High Expectation of ACCA

The ACCA expects a high level of skill and knowledge from its members. They must be able to find out proper solutions to various business problems. This high expectation prepares the members to improve their skill and thus they will be immensely helped in their professional lives.

Updated Professional Support

The ACCA takes note that its members are updated with the latest rules and theories in accountancy. It has been made mandatory they keep their knowledge updated. They are prepared in such a way that they remain always ready to take on any challenge they face.

Global Partnership

The ACCA has partnerships with all the global employers who accept the standard of the institution. More than 8000 employers approve ACCA. ACCA has its members in 173 countries. The course is respected by all the companies and employers.

If you are in search of an ACCA exam center, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, and all the other metro cities have many such exam centers. Study hard and if you need guidance, take that from Rachnoutsav Academy. Quality and support will be assured to you. Be professional with ACCA.