ACCA or the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants offers the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification which is a global qualification offered by the ACCA that makes you eligible to be a CA in any of the countries worldwide that recognize ACCA and where ACCA has a regional headquarters.


The ACCA covers 178 countries, has over 200,000 thousand members and 500,000 students making it a truly global organization that trains Chartered Accountants across the globe keeping a set standard for all these professionals thus ensuring more uniform and organized services in the occupation.


ACCA brings a host of new opportunities and newer ventures for students making it possible for them to enter the biggest of corporate stages early on in their careers. ACCA makes them qualified enough to easily take over managerial positions in MNCs and international firms and find a place for themselves in all sorts of industries and markets.

The biggest advantage is that one can get a job in any of the 178 countries and take over anywhere making one’s career full of limitless potential. ACCA certification is one of the premier most qualifications in the field of accounting, finance, and management. Add to it the ability to be an auditor in the UK, the attractiveness of an ACCA certification is second to none for MNCs and international firms and companies.

ACCA training is focused on imparting the student with the necessary array of abilities to effectively take up a multitude of managerial positions across the organization and smoothen the running of the corporation. ACCA training allows you to be familiar with the needs and demands of corporations and at the same time be an in-house auditor at these corporations making you an ideal employee for the biggest of MNCs and firms.

ACCA Coaching in India

ACCA coaching allows one to effectively use their time to efficiently and speedily clear the levels of ACCA and become an ACCA certified chartered accountant. ACCA coaching helps you to manage your studies and focus on the important areas and difficult parts of the course. For those who are already employed, this coaching is the best way to get their long due promotion or look for far better opportunities and take their careers in the right direction.