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Career In Events

With the rapid increase in nuclear families, setting up events or career in events can be challenging to the common man, here’s where one experiences the need of a problem-solving professional, this is a job of an Event Manager. From the events industry being worth in the $1,135.4 billion in 2019 to the industry growing up to $1,552.9 billion in the years 2028 with numbers keep growing has a void to be filled. This course provides a good blend of theory and practical training that go hand in hand at Rachnoutsav. All the domains of Event Management are covered in the curriculum, leaving no stone unturned in the upkeep of future event managers.

Some of many such practical training sessions, conducted at Rachnoutsav stated as follows:
placement assistance

Placement Assistance

Digital Classrooms

Digital Classrooms

conceptual learning

Conceptual Learning

corporate Interface

Corporate Interface


Incubation & Acceleration

Soft skills training room

Soft Skills Training Room

Industrial Internships

Industrial Internships

holistic development

Holistic Development

The students witness the first hand experiences of the industry experts when they bring their experiences to life in classroom settings. The owners, founders, managers, and entrepreneurs of the Event Industry enlighten the students with the best of all the experiences and enable the students to get an even closer touch with the event industry. Among many dignitaries, who lectured our students last year, here are a few Sapna Subramaniam, Sandeep Sinha, Srinivas Gunishetty, Ina Sharma, Imran Khan, Raffiq Shaik, and more. The industry experts Rakhi Kankaria & Sanjay Kankaria conduct sessions with the students every fortnight, keeping the growth of the students on the top acts of their priority list. The sessions delivered by guests are not just high value but also edutaining (educating + entertaining).