BA Hon’s (Event Planning & Management)

Event Management is the quintessential fluid of planning, organizing, managing, and producing events. This field has been flourishing year after year, releasing more entrepreneurial, creative, and managerial opportunities in the market. Across the twin cities, Rachnoutsav College of Commerce & Management has been serving this field for years, by producing quality graduates and professionals. Just like its existence, the methodologies followed at Rachnoutsav are unique and sophisticated.

Academic Process, Cutting Edge Curriculum, and The Curriculum of Event Management at Rachnoutsav are woven together to bring the best of professional qualities and skills to the individuals who aspire to be event managers. The Curriculum extends from goods Procurement production of the goods, Marketing to Risk Management, and Event Accounting to Human Resource Management. The Subjects are smoothly amalgamated in the NEW Degree Courses. 

An overview of Wedding Planner course - Rachnoutsav Collage

To experience the real scenarios of the events and to make the students Bonafede part of the event Industry, Live Events Participation is made a mandatory part of the curriculum. The student’s experience. working through various events, headed by reputed event managers of the country, inter and intra-city. Students are given umpteenth opportunities of working in various events and understanding the Key Responsibility Areas- KRA in every event. The students are taught how to feel accountable and do work with utmost ownership. The number of Live Event opportunities varies with courses. 

SEM (Signature Event Management Program)

Course Brief:

Signature Event Management Program is RCCM’s Flagship Course. It is aimed at producing management professionals for employment in the Event Management Industry and its related sectors. Events are diverse and range from small Private Functions to Large Scale Occasions, right from Birthday Parties to Concerts, Weddings, awards Functions, and many more.

Rachnoutsav College of Commerce & Management has been a pioneer in this sector for over 25 years and utilizes all of its knowledge and experience from the foundation of this course. This course has been recognized by the Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University (JNA&FAU), Event and Entertainment Management Association (EEMA), the parent company Rachnoutsav Pvt. Ltd., and The Government of Telangana (S.I.V.E Certification)