Gone are the days when careers in medicine or engineering where most valued. Today youngsters are after options that not only involve their passion and skills but are also financially rewarding.

If you are not a nine to five job type of person and are enthusiastic about socializing, managing and organizing, an event management career is just the right option for you.

The life of an event manager is an eventful affair with lots happening. With one getting to plan, strategize and execute events, it actually works and fun at the same time. A decade back there were just a few event managers in the country, but with time people’s love for making their life events special is increasing and so is the demand for event managers. Also, unlike earlier when family, friends, and relatives would manage the event today one likes to save time and effort by hiring an event manager. Be it any event from weddings to birthdays and from official meetings to launches, an event manager is a thorough professional knowing the how’s and whys of the event industry.

While anybody with skills for the profession or with an MBA a degree can become an event manager, a degree in the same is always preferred. One can always pursue a diploma in event management after 10+2 or go for a postgraduate degree after doing bachelor’s from any other stream.

Best institutes offering graduate and postgraduate event management courses:

  • Rai University, New Delhi
  • Institute of Tourism & Future Management Trends (ITFT), Chandigarh
  • RS Institute of Event Management, Bangalore
  • MICA, Ahmadabad
  • Joseph’s College of Business Administration, Bangalore
  • National Institute of Event Management, Mumbai
  • International Institute of Event Management, Mumbai
  • International Center for Event Marketing, New Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Event Management at Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune
  • Event Management Development Institute, Mumbai
  • Amity Institute of Event Management, New Delhi.

After the degree, an event manager can join fashion houses, event training companies, television house, corporate firms, magazine houses, etc.  Most people in the industry first train under experienced and established professionals of the field and then go onto setting up their own firms. One can also work as a public relations executive in media, advertisement, and tourism sector.