Are you interested in a career in Event Management? Well, you are one of those smart minds who understand what will be the demand of the future and how to make use of the rising opportunity. Yes, Event management is and will become an even more intense part of the world as more and more businesses, private entities and organizations would need the help of professionals to plan, organize and manage their special events.

There are a number of institutions that offer event management courses in Hyderabad and choose the best one is very imperative as it decided your future in the industry. In this post, we have created a comprehensive guide to find which course is best for event management. However, before you share the tips, tricks, and critical aspects of event management course hunting, let us first know what Event management is all about.

What is Event Management?

Event Management is a branch of Project management. The word Event means an occasion, celebration, or any type of casual or formal social gathering and Management means ensuring proper utilization of resources to achieve success with the event. Whether we are a business, a private entity, or an organization, events remain a critical part of our lives. Event Management is a vast umbrella that covers all the critical aspects of an event including dates, budgeting, event site selection, security, support teams, transportation, parking, decorative, acquiring permits, anchoring, housekeeping, catering, and emergency plan.

How to find the best course for Event Management?

If you are someone who enjoys implementing their organizational skills on different types of events, you must consider gaining professional skills and knowledge to build a career in Event Management. People who have organizational skills are outspoken, and enjoy meeting new people are the ones with great event management skills. However, it is only a credible event management course that can make you a professional and a potential candidate for event management opportunities.

Here is what to look for while searching for the best event management course:


The first thing to look for while searching for the best event management course is what is taught under the program. Event management required a great base of concepts and theories and the best course must explain it to the students in great details. From the inception of event management to its advanced theories, all must be included.

Practical Work included:

As you vet all the available choices, make sure that you check what type of practical exposure does the course offers. For a credible event management course, it is very important that you get the great practical exposure. As important as it is to study theories and concepts of event management, it is equally important to utilize them in a live environment. Besides managing small to medium scale events, the course must also offer the students a chance to arrange and create marketing material to promote the event.


The internship is an important part of the event management course and it exposes the students to the practical environment. Choose a course that includes 3 months or more of a compulsory internship. Moreover, the internship also increases your chances to receive job offers and build a prosperous career.

University/ College integrity:

Finally, before you opt for a course, make sure the University/ College providing it has great links with the industry players. The credibility and affiliation of the college/ university also play a critical role in building your professional life after you complete the course.

Frequently asked questions about Event Management:

1. Is pursuing an event planning course important for a lucrative career?

While you can become an event planner without a formal degree, having one gives you more credibility in the industry. You must pursue an event management course from a credible university/ college and gain practical and theoretical knowledge to have better chances.

2. What are the admission criteria for Event Management?

If you want to pursue a graduate-level Event Management course, you must have complete your 10+2 examination with a minimum of 50% marks. For post-graduate level event management degree, you must have a graduate degree from a reputed university/ college.

3. What is the fee for an event management course?

This depends upon the university/ college you choose. In general, a credible college would charge a fee of around 2-4 lakh for the Event Management course.

Event Management has a promising future for you but only if you choose the best course from a credible university. Hope this guide helps you in searching for the right event management curse and building a lucrative career in the most promising industry right now.