If one of your options for your career perspective is accounting then you must have also heard about ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). The ACCA is the world’s most important global body for professional accountants, which comprises of almost 190,000 members and 480,000 students all over 178 countries. You can also opt for ACCA India

There are a number of degrees available but one which is quite popular is the ACCA qualification, which helps you get Certified Chartered Accountant status plus membership of the body ACCA.

Once you become an ACCA member, you will gain a number of skills, create your specialized credibility and you will certainly get more career opportunities all over the world. But achieving this is not easy. You need to donate proper time, effort and yes, funds are also required as fee structure is high.

Number of Exams in ACCA

To clear the course of ACCA you have to go through14 exams, a specialized ethics module and get an experience of three years related to the field. These exams are divided into 4 parts.

  •      Fundamentals –Knowledge
  •      Fundamentals – Skills
  •      Professional – Essentials
  •      Professional – Options

On the basis of your previously attained qualifications, you might get exemptions from one or if you are lucky enough from all the nine Fundamentals papers, and then you could begin from a Professional level.

Why is ACCA Difficult?

Categorizing ACCA difficult depends upon certain factors. Given below are details.

Previous Experience

On the basis of your previous experience, you can talk about its difficulty level. If accounting is something new to you then it would be tough for you. Some of the students, in the

beginning, opt for AAT that is the Association of Accounting Technician. This is just the first step which gives you the basic foundation for ACCA. Some students who are already practicing CA might find it easy but ones who have come from graduation and post-graduation with accounts as a major they might find it difficult too.

The way you study

When you opt for ACCA, you can also go for your work along as it helps you to manage both the things simultaneously. But it is suggested that you should work in the same field as it is required for the completion of a degree plus you could cover some part of the fees. So working in the same field will give you practical exposure and then you can learn more.

What is the time period in which you want to clear?

Though the period to complete it is ten years but a number of students have their target of completing it in three to four years. To accomplish this, you have to work while studying so that you can fulfill your professional experience requirement. Even you need to take a minimum of 6 exams each year so that you have ample time and if there are ay reappears you can certainly clear it.

Thus if you have fixed goal then clear ACCA is not difficult


You’ll discover ACCA simpler on the off chance that you proactively make that arrangement. Help the individuals around you comprehend the weights you’re under. Disclose to loved ones what the ACCA includes, and request their help. Fabricate associations with different understudies, either, all things considered, or on the web, who comprehend what you’re experiencing.

Your learning supplier is likewise basic. Study with an endorsed learning supplier who can assist you with passing the ACCA, or you’ll make life substantially more troublesome.

How difficult is ACCA?

Like any expert qualification, the ACCA is a big deal duty, particularly in case you’re working. It requests penance. In some cases, you’ll be drained, and baffled, and battle to adjust various aspects of your life.

That is the reason you ought to consider RCCM. Our ACCA course library makes examining simpler and increasingly advantageous, giving you access to world-class ACCA study materials day in and day out at whatever point and any place you need. We can’t make the ACCA simple, yet we can make it fundamentally simpler.

How many exams are there in ACCA?

To clear the course of ACCA you need to go through 14 tests, a particular morals module and get an experience of three years identified with the field. These tests are separated into 4 sections.

Basics – Knowledge

Basics – Skills

Proficient – Essentials

Proficient – Options

Based on your recently accomplished capabilities, you may get exceptions from one or in the event that you are fortunate enough from all the nine Fundamentals papers, and afterward, you could start from a Professional level.

What salary can I expect in India after my ACCA completion?

The salary ranges from 6 lac to 14 lac relying on the candidate’s aptitudes and organization requirements. Consistently new position openings get posted on ACCA’s professional portal and the normal pay for everything is same as that of a certified CA, in some cases far superior on the off chance that you are a CA just as a Qualified ACCA !!!