Once you are done with your twelfth board examinations, your instant move is to opt for the field you want to further study and make your career in. It is mostly observed that students get confused between the career options which they actually want to go for and then they make the wrong decision.

So to make it simpler, here is a clear definition of one such degree that is BBA. If you are among those who wish to go into the corporate or business world then BBA is the right course for you. The time duration for this degree is three years and once you complete it you certainly won’t regret your decision. Top BBA colleges in Hyderabad are a good option to pursue this degree. However, there are a number of myths around the degree of BBA. Given below are some of them

Only commerce students can do it

The most popular myth for BBA is that only Commerce students can do it but actually it’s not this. It’s a degree course that is open to all streams such as Humanities, Medical, and Non-Medial. Though the initial subjects like Accountancy and Economics could make Commerce students feel easy as they have a background for the same then the option is available for all.

BBA and B.Com are same

Another thing which people have in their minds is that BBA and B.Com are the same but in reality, they are not. The basic difference between both of them is that BBA is a management and business degree whereas B. Com is a degree of commerce and accounts. Moving further BBA is an aid for you to get into the business world and work in management positions such as in Marketing, IT, HR, Finance departments. On the other side individuals who have done B.Com degree mainly get jobs in the ‘finance only’ fields. They pursue this degree because they want to become accountants, CA, CS and so on.

After BBA there are no jobs

Another myth which people have set p in their mind is that after BBA there is no job.  Actually there are a number of jobs available which you can go for. The people mostly join management firms after BBA and take experience in the industry. This is a good option. Once you have experience then MBA becomes more interesting to you.

Only possible degree after BBA is MBA

Once you are done with BBA, MBA is not the only option. There are a number of options available. You can go for fashion Designing, Journalism Interior Designing, Animations, and Hotel Management and so on. While an MBA is a good option after BBA but definitely not the last resort.

BBA is not worth the money you have spent

A number of people think that doing BBA is too expensive but it is actually worth the money you spend. The amount of knowledge and experience you get will help you establish a good career whether it’s your own business or job.


But the truth is, BBA will assist you with acquiring proficient abilities during your career as a management professional. This course will give you a general comprehension of business processes and create business abilities, for example, relational abilities, basic reasoning, administration, and dynamic. Being one of the top degree colleges in Hyderabad, Rachnoutsav Event Academy offers you the top undergraduate programs in commerce & management. Enroll yourself today!

Who can apply to the Bachelor of Business Administration?

The Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) is focused on on-going Higher Secondary School pass-outs that have the inspiration and want to assemble a solid establishment for a profession in the executives and business organization.

What kind of career does the BBA prepare you for?

The primary alternative that BBA graduates have before them is opening up their very own business. They can likewise become business visionaries. In addition, these administration experts can secure decent positions in –

  • Corporate houses
  • MNCs
  • Private just as government workplaces
  • Instructive establishments
  • NGOs
  • Businesses
  • Human services arrangements
  • Money foundations

Enrolment specialists are numerous to add to this rundown. Accordingly, students finishing this BBA course will never get themselves jobless. There are bunches of openings for work for them. Candidates ought to be cautious in choosing the school for the BBA program since it is the college or the foundation that chooses the estimation of this program.

What is the term and structure of the BBA program?

The 3‐ year full-time program comprises of six Semesters, every semester being of half-year term. The principal semester chiefly involves subjects identified with general management, which would give insights into administrative ideas. Here the focus is to give the students a firm establishing on the administrative aptitudes and furthermore in sharpening their relational abilities through a progression of practical experiments.