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Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much Helen Keller

Social Involvement Programme

Rachnoutsav College of Commerce & Management encourages NGO participation along with its regular academic and Event Management activities. It is one of the most important extra-curricular activity and focuses on eradicating issues in the field of Education, Healthcare, Public policy, Human Rights and Environmental factors. It ensures our staff and student community makes an impact on today’s generation. Keeping the above factors in mind, the Rachnoutsav College of Commerce & Management Community participates in a variety of social involvement services, humanitarian functions, and encourages society participation by bringing citizens’ concerns to Governments, advocating policies through provision of information, serving underprivileged areas etc. To maintain the Social Ethics and the Humanitarian grounds, we request all our students to come forward and show their empathy and dedication towards the development of this programme.

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