In this age, just an academic degree is not enough to get a job. This is a fact for every stream of education. And so, for commerce students. Just imagine how many students are studying in top commerce colleges in Hyderabad and in the whole country and hoping to stand out in the crowd. Among all the good students, you need to have something special in you to be the best.

The academic course does not train the students to acquire the qualities that the market wants from them. For that, they need to take a few extra steps.

Know your subject

A commerce student, after doing his B.Com from any of the Top Commerce Colleges in Hyderabad, can get admitted into CA, CFA or MBA course. These courses will only help him to have a better grip over his subject.

Know other subjects

He can get admitted to STEM classes. Such classes train students in various streams. And this helps a student acquire overall knowledge about various subjects. He will understand and be able to connect topics from different subjects. It will sharpen his analytical skills.

Awareness of the real world

A student pursuing commerce courses must be aware of the business world. Of course, books teach you about it. But applying that knowledge to analyze and understand the problems in the world of business will make you more efficient. Observe, learn the manner of communication that takes place in this profession. An employee is always more impressive if he has already got these skills.

Build up confidence

Take up extracurricular classes like theater or recitation classes. Engage in debates and extempore. These may seem irrelevant on the side of the commerce course. But such activities increase your self-esteem; make you confidently present your opinion in front of people. Leadership qualities and teamwork are necessary for any job and you will learn about these in such classes.

More and more internships

Take up internships as much as possible. During an internship, you will observe the business world from inside. Learn the techniques of how the business is really done. Working as an intern will add experience in your resume. And employers are mostly looking for employees who have at least minimum knowledge about what they have to do.

By taking up these courses after or while doing your commerce courses, you become more efficient than you do with only conventional education. Just learning these can put you a lot of steps ahead in this competition.