When looking for prospective employees, employers look for qualifications beyond the usual graduate or post-graduate degree. They want to see what separates you from the crowd, what makes you stand out among millions and how will you turn out to be a valuable asset for their company or business. Your resume/CV is the reflection of what you have done and accomplished in your time as a student and how well you have prepared for the harsh conditions that the world will throw at you. Whether you did an online course, learned a foreign tongue or did international certification courses all of it is important towards ensuring that you catch the eye of the man at the desk.

Building your resume

Your resume is what your prospective employer sees first about you. Based on this document your interviewer forms an image of you and then continues on to interview around to prove or disprove that image. Your resume presents an overview of your abilities and the skills you have acquired. Whatever your resume has is what the interviewer will infer and form a perception of you.

Your academic achievements, co-curricular activities, and certifications are all requisites for building up your resume. Add a few international certification courses and it glosses up your resume and makes you stand out among all the candidates.

Why certification?

Enrolling for certificate courses gives you an edge over the crowd. You have the qualification over a certain subject matter and can put up your opinions and thoughts with a bit of authority which adds to the weight of whatever it is that you speak. Certification courses are an easy way of acquiring foreign knowledge that otherwise won’t available in your undergraduate or postgraduate course. It gives a resume a new dynamic making it much more substantive.

Employers are not looking to pick a random person from a group of equally qualified people. They want someone who can bring something else on the table that the other candidates don’t have. It thus becomes imperative to present yourself in the best possible way by putting up glimmering certifications that support your candidacy for the position and international certification courses do just that.

How to get certified?

It’s relatively easy to be enrolled for international certification courses. There are announcements in journals, weekly magazines, and online portals. The hard part is completing these courses as they require you to invest a portion of your time into them. And by investing a bit of your time, you can come out getting certified for some great certifications that will forever help you in your career.