Event Management Courses in Hyderabad

Event management is one of the most important aspects of all business administration courses. The quality of the course and the way the course is completed are very important. With respect to event management courses, Hyderabad has its own Rachnoutsav Academy that provides the best event management courses in Hyderabad. A successful event management career requires a quality event management course. Rachnoutsav Academy has its ‘Signature event management program’. It is one of the many flagship courses of the academy. It provides the event training, Hyderabad has.

The Academy enjoys an upper hand in creating entry-level professionals for the respective industry. It specializes in preparing students for all types of diverse challenges posed in event management. The students become prepared for managing small parties as well as larger events. Be it concerts or wedding parties, a student is made proficient for any event.

Event Courses Hyderabad

The academy puts stress on creating efficient management professionals and provides the best event management courses. From planning the event to the execution, the academy provides its student’s first-hand experience so that they be eligible to handle all the challenges in event management. Through this academy the students can take up one of the best event courses, Hyderabad has.

For the last 25 years, Rachnoutsav Academy actively provided their knowledge and experience to the students. Its pioneering contribution makes this course one of the best event courses, Hyderabad has.

The acclaimed course has earned the recognition of The Government of Telangana along with S.I.V.E certification. Event and Entertainment Management Association also recognizes this course. All these things make this course a provider of an event management career, Hyderabad has.

Program code: SEM001
Duration: It is a one-year full-time course.


Students are assessed in every way possible. They are given practical experience reports and essays. There is the opportunity of self-study and assignments that take place every week. Students are also made to give a presentation and write journals as an assessment. At last, they are given the much-coveted experience of internship on the job.

Career Opportunities: 

A career in the Event Industry comes in diverse forms. It includes varied, exciting career opportunities. The industry has a lot of career options not only in India but also around the world. The different sectors to work for are Hotel, Hospitality, Film, Fashion, Travel, Sports, etc. You can also work in the corporate sector managing corporate events. There are other national and international event management organizations to work for. Otherwise, there is the scope of pursuing advanced event management and courses on wedding management.


  • Introduction to Events
  • Event Execution
  • Role of an Event Manager
  • Business Communication
  • Event Essentials – I
  • Event Accounting
  • Event Essentials – II
  • Event Marketing
  • Event Engineering
  • Event Risk Management

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Event Management Courses

This curriculum is specially engineered for event management students so that they get the required exposure to important skill sets. Apart from that Rachnoutsav provides practical experience by arranging live events and practical sessions with the students. These live events are mentored by internationally acclaimed teachers who specialize in the field and have experience of more than 20+ years. So this is one of the most important events management courses.


What is event management?

Simply put, Event management is the process to plan, organize, and execute any event successfully. In recent times, events have become very popular and grand. It has become imperative that a dedicated professional must be assigned to take care of the events to ensure it is a complete success.

What are the different event management courses?

You can pursue event management courses on two different levels- Under Graduate and Post Graduate. BBA in Event Management, MBA in Event Management, and Diploma in Event Management are a few popular courses.

What are the eligibility criteria for undergraduate Event Management courses?

If you want to pursue an event management course at the undergraduate level, you must have completed your 10+2 standard with a minimum of 45% of marks. For the Post Graduate Event Management course, you must have completes a degree course at undergraduate level.

How can I make a career in the event management industry?

The event management industry is growing bigger and bigger with each passing day, creating more and more career opportunities. From joining a powerful event management company at an entry-level to starting your own event management business, there are ample of opportunities that you can grab in the industry.

To ensure you land the perfect job, you must pursue an undergraduate level course in Event Management. A UG degree in Event Management followed by a Postgraduate degree in Event management you can enhance your chances to grab the best opportunities offered by the industry.

What do I need to become an event planner?

To become a successful event planner, you must first pursue a course in event management from a reputed college. You can undergo both Undergraduate courses like BBA in event management and Post Graduate courses to gain the required knowledge. Once you attain the degree, you must work on gaining experience in the field. Develop your skills and leadership quality.

Our expert teachers will ensure that you are offered the best guidance to embrace your dream of becoming a successful event planner.

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