Event Calendar

For growing the social skills of a young mind one must have interactions with their fellow students in an enriching environment here’s where the true fiber of a students mindset is seen at Rachnoutsav College we aim at holistically developing a students mind with the essence of cultural enrichment and so we have a robust student calendar with numerous celebrations ideated, planned and executed by the students.

Guest lecture

The best way to learn is by listening to others’ experiences! Monthly 2 guest sessions are set for the students to learn from people of different disciples who add value to the event management industry, some professions are Musicians, food curators, Disk Jocky, Master of ceremony, etc.

Live Events

At Rachnoutsav where the syllabus itself has 70% practical training a part of these sessions is the live event experiences where students observe production, client servicing, and meetings to see how events unfold.


After the initial theoretical training students are sent for numerous internships! A faculty mentor assists the students in these endeavors to make the process comfortable and smooth for students’ interaction with the industry members!