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The only college to Offer a Professional Certificate Program in Event Management with a Bachelor’s Degre


Sports are very important for the development of a strong body and mind. Sports play a great role in improving and maintaining the health and fitness, improving mental skills and concentration level.

Rachnoutsav Academy conducts an annual sports event on the occasion of Republic day with indoor and outdoor games like Chess, Carom, Scrabble, Football, Cricket, and Throw ball. The involvement and interaction of staff, faculty and students develops a  healthy bond that enhances the environment in the academy. 

On Republic day, we hoist the Indian Flag and arrange a prize distributions for the best Academic performers as well as Sports day winners. It is a great experience organizing and coordinating the Sports day. It is a fun learning moment for all.


This is one of the first events of an academic year, conducted in the academy,  organized,implemented and participated in by students. They are expected to decorate the academy with flowers, colors and lights. They then create a beautiful and colorful Rangoli across the hall way.

Every Rongoli, is of its own unique style. The materials used include flowers, colors, papers, recycle materials and many more. After the event the students have an ethnic ramp walk with music. 

This traditional day acts as an icebreaker for students. It encourages creativity and participation amongst them.


31st October is celebrated as Halloween across the globe. Students at Rachoutsav Academy embrace this special occasion by dressing up as horror movie characters.


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