For the people who are looking out for a successful career in accounting or finance, the ACCA course is the best option that you can choose. The ACCA qualification is highly valued which you can opt for after being a part of management, banking, and consulting fields. Once you are ACCA qualified, you need to give $408 CAD for registration and annual subscription each for ACCA Global. Given below are more ACCA course details.

There major three components of ACCA are:-

Exams: you have to go through 14 exams to clear the course, but there are certain exemptions that you can actually have. These ACCA exemptions basically depend upon your educational background.

Work Experience: In order to attain the certificate of being an ACCA member, you also should have at least 36 months of appropriate work experience.

Ethics: This is an additional side which the ACCA course has. You have to learn and go by the Professional Ethics module so as to qualify for the same.

If you really have a desire of having a career in accounting, banking or finance then you should go for an ACCA course so as to become a member. While applying, you need to submit certain documents which are mentioned below:-

Importance of ACCA

ACCA is counted as the most important and lucrative certifications which you can add to your qualification. This is due to a number of reasons which are stated below:-

Opportunity to work in any part of the world

Once you become an ACCA member a number of avenues get opened for you all across the world where you can actually work. The ACCA Careers Job Board helps you in looking out and applying for jobs too. Additionally, ACCA is in partnership with more than 80 accounting firms and 7500 approved employers present all over the world.

Forge your own path

The ACCA qualification is a very dynamic approach that provides you with the option of studying full-time or part-time with training centers that are authorized all over the world for ACCA-X or self-study. Such flexible planning helps you in gearing up your future the way you actually want. ACCA also provides you with the opportunity to acquire additional degrees which are in the form of:

  • Sc. in Applied Accounting (Oxford Brookes University)
  • Sc. in Professional Accountancy (University of London).
  • Excellent support: If you are studying so as to be an ACCA member or you are already one of them then you can be guaranteed support from the organization. ACCA has a 24-hour service helpline, which will sort out all your queries and gives you advice. You also have the freedom to reach the materials which are present on the website
  • Access to a global network:  When you are an ACCA member, there are a number of opportunities that get opened for you. You can come in contact with other students who are on ACCA’s digital learning community and from there you can set up your own network zone.