A wedding is a time when you certainly want the best arrangement. It’s a time when a huge number of people are coming and you want to show them that you have done your best possible thing. So in that case hiring a wedding planner is the need of the hour.  Nowadays due to the increase in demand for wedding planners, a number of people have opted for wedding planning as a profession. So if you want to be a planner then a wedding planning course is available which you can do and be professionally certified. It will help you to practice it as an occupation and if somebody asks you about the same, you have a validation which proves that you have the right kind of knowledge to practice it. So one must do this course for the sake of getting contracts

Scope of Wedding Planning as an occupation

Talking about the scope of wedding planning, the increase in demand for wedding planners can be seen every day. Nowadays from a low budget wedding to a gala affair for everything wedding planners are opted. People don’t like getting themselves stressed as they certainly want to look the best and just enjoy it. So they hire wedding planners.

To the more, the scope of wedding planners can never get over. From a simple engagement to the after wedding celebrations everything is done by a wedding planner. People just tie with them and give them a lump sum amount and leave everything on them. This is certainly a good option as you can stay stress-free and enjoy it. So, one must hire a wedding planner.

Salary of a wedding planner

When we talk about the salary constraints of a wedding planner, usually, there is no bar or you can say no fixed amount. Somebody might charge you a fixed amount as a confirmation for the same but later on when you tell them your budget they might charge you a percentage of it. So you cannot actually estimate it. Even as they do organize weddings in huge numbers they have contacts with people so they get things from the market at a cheaper price which you actually might not get and then put it up for you. In this process also they save money which actually goes in their pocket. So there is nothing fixed in this.

Moving forward they might say you to give them a stipulated amount as a reward if you like their arrangement that could be according to your wish so nothing is fixed but then it depends upon them. A small wedding planner might earn less but one who has an established firm may make money in lakhs. So it depends upon your market image too.

Thus to conclude hiring a wedding planner is a must in today’s time. If you really want to experience the best time without any stress and you want to enjoy the maximum then you must hire a wedding planner.


In case you love arranging and plan to become a wedding organizer, you presumably can hardly wait to get your preparation in and begin working in the field. Be that as it may, there is a wide range of steps to finish before arriving at a guide where you’re agreeable enough toward considering yourself an expert wedding organizer.

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Is wedding planning a good option as a career?

Wedding arranging is a novel professional decision. The work bases on guaranteeing two individuals have the most joyful day of their lives, remain inside spending plan and adhere to a calendar. Arranging weddings can be a very rewarding profession.

How does a wedding planner make money?

Wedding organizers bring in cash by charging a set expense for their administrations (either a level of the wedding costs or a standard arranging charge). They may likewise get kick-backs or commissions for promoting particular sellers.

How do you become a certified event planner?

To become a certified event planner, you should obtain a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management, marketing, public relations, communications, or business. RCCM offers you event management courses on campus and helps you in shaping your career in this field.