Why Us

Rachnoutsav College of Commerce & Management aims to drive, motivate, innovate and spark academic graduates into professionals with exemplary management skills. We create students infused with self-belief who have the go-getter attitude. Embracing the importance of practical studying methods we aspire to produce the finest results. The factors of Rachnoutsav are well quoted as Redefine, Resonate, Rip-Roaring, Rejuvenate, Reinvent, Rhythm and Revive. 

We aim at providing unique opportunities to students in newer area of education that is Event Management. Students from diverse backgrounds engage in the study and dialogue of subject matters which develops alternative perspectives in each student. With the parent company Rachnoutsav Events Pvt. Ltd ( https://rachnoutsav.com/ )being in the events industry for 25 years students have a large network that’s ready to absorb professionals into the industry!

Students are sent for multiple practical visits or site visits to not just learn from industry experience but also start building on relationships. Effective education is essential for the success and students at Rachnoutsav encounter a wide array of professional possibilities in the field of Event management enabling them to be not just masters in the theoretical knowledge but also practical application. Guest Lectures from Industry experts give them a valuable insight into the realities of the hard work and determination that are the key ingredients to a good Event Manager.

We hope that through our institute we can cater to the society that we live in. Our programs are run in broad public interest with the best intentions in mind.